Interviewees for Daisy Tells a Secret

Mark Boody
Detective, Novi Police Department, Novi, Michigan
Boody was honored “Officer of The Year” in 2005 due to his efforts as an
investigator for crimes against children. He has investigated hundreds of
child abuse cases and serves on advisory boards in conjunction with CA
House and the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office to improve
investigative techniques regarding crimes against children. In 2008, Boody
received CARE’s first annual Circle of Light Award, a decoration that is
given to individuals who have devoted their efforts to fight against child

Dr. Kathleen Colborn-Faller
Ph.D., A.C.S.W., D.C.S.W, Professor
Is the Marion Elizabeth Blue professor of children and families at the
University of Michigan School of Social Work and the director of the Family
Assessment Clinic. Her main research interest is child welfare and her research
involves the use of multidisciplinary assessments with first-time substantiated child
protection cases, successful criminal prosecution of sexual abuse,
allegations of abuse in cases involving divorce, and descriptive studies of
sub-categories of sexual abuse cases. She is the author of nine books
relating to sexual abuse as well as over seventy research and clinical
articles published.

Dr. Carol Johnson (featured in the Educator Edition)
Principal, Pepper Elementary School, Oak Park, Michigan
Dr. Johnson has been the Principal of Pepper Elementary since 1995. Prior
to her current role, Dr. Johnson has also served as a Distance Mentor at
Marygrove College and the Director of Elementary Education for Wayne-
Westland School District in Michigan. She is a Lifetime Member of the
National Alliance of Black School Educators. She has also participated as
Non-Violent Intervention trainer as well as Diversity Chairperson for Oak
Park School District.

Dr. Mary Jo Malafa
Emergency Medicine, Providence Hospital, Pontiac, Michigan
Dr. Malafa has been a volunteer lecturer on Domestic Violence since 1994
and has served on the Domestic Violence Advisory Board. Since 2004, Dr.
Malafa has been the Domestic Violence Committee Chair at St. Joseph
Mercy Oakland and belongs to the Oakland County Domestic Violence
Task Force. She is currently the Chair for the Department of Emergency
Medicine at St. Joseph Mercy Oakland.

Beth Morrison
HAVEN President & CEO
For the last 30 years, Beth has focused her career on the issues of
domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse. She has worked as a
counselor, crisis intervention staff member, community educator, clinical
supervisor, shelter manager and administrator.
Beth has been with HAVEN since 2003 and is currently the co-chair of
several councils including Oakland County Coordinating Council Against
Domestic Violence. She sits on the El Centro Domestic Violence
subcommittee, Detroit Lions Courage House, as well as the Michigan
Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence.

Jennifer Parker
Prevention Education Specialist
Jennifer has been with HAVEN since 2008 as a Prevention Education
Specialist. Jennifer trains and educates members of the community and
partners with schools to present age appropriate programs that include
information about dating and sexual assault. She is also the coordinator of
the Teen Advisory Council.

Gabriela O. Rodriguez
Outreach Counselor, Catholic Social Services, Pontiac, Michigan
Gabriela Rodriguez is an outreach counselor for Catholic social services at
the Hispanic Outreach Office in Pontiac, Michigan. Gabriella is also a
caseworker as well as the coordinator for the after school-tutoring

Marcia Scott
Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault therapist
Marcia has a Bachelor’s and a Master’s in Social Work. Working at HAVEN,
Marcia specializes in working with children and adults who have been
sexually assaulted or have been involved in domestic violence. Marcia
also specializes in therapy for children who have witnessed domestic