The production of these DVDs are a collaboration between HAVEN of Oakland County and One of Us Films, made possible by generous financial support from the Verizon Foundation.

HAVEN is a nationally-recognized nonprofit leader, providing comprehensive solutions and innovative programs promoting violence-free homes and communities. Its mission is to eliminate domestic violence and sexual assault across Oakland County and the surrounding communities through treatment and prevention services. HAVEN’s specialists work to provide a wealth of information and research on the subjects of domestic violence and sexual assault. By making this information accessible to others, it is HAVEN’s goal to spread the knowledge and give people the power to help change their lives. For more information, visit HAVEN.

About One of Us Films
One of Us Films was founded as a nonprofit organization in 1995 to produce the fictional film, One of Us. The intent of the film was to raise awareness about acquaintance rape. Since then, One of Us Films has remained committed to supporting efforts to eliminate domestic violence and sexual assault. For more information, visit One of Us Films.

The Verizon Foundation and Verizon Wireless are recognized nationally for their support of domestic-violence awareness and prevention initiatives, along with education programs. In 2009, the Verizon Foundation invested nationwide more than $68 million in community grants and matched the charitable donations of Verizon employees and retirees, resulting in an additional $26 million in combined contributions to nonprofits. The production of Daisy Tells a Secret was made possible by the generous support of Verizon Wireless. For more information, visit Verizon Foundation

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