Language: English, Spanish

Daisy Tells a Secret has won a Parents’ Choice “Recommended Seal” Award.  View their review HERE.

Daisy Tells a Secret teaches children, ages four to eight years-old, about personal safety and body ownership, and explains how to identify who safe adults are in a child’s life. The Daisy animation is available in English, American Sign Language and Spanish.

In addition to the ten-minute animation, companion pieces for adults are included on the DVD and should be reviewed before showing the animation.  These companion pieces help explain how to talk to children about personal safety, and what to do if a child discloses abuse.

The Story…

When Daisy is left at home to be supervised by her Uncle Raven, he plays a tickling game with her.  During the game, Uncle Raven touches Daisy in her private area, and tells her that it is their secret, she is not to tell anyone about it.

When Daisy and Uncle Raven go to the park, Daisy sees her best friend, Clover.  Clover senses something is wrong, and eventually Daisy tells him about the tickling game.  Overheard by Clover’s big sister, Lily, Daisy learns that what Uncle Raven did to her is wrong, and understands she should tell a safe adult what happened.  When Mama and Papa Raven return home, Daisy tells them the secret.

The Daisy Tells a Secret animation has also been made available in Spanish and and American Sign Language